Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY Windows 7/8/10 reloaded Free Download Torrent

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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY

Middle Earth: Shadow of Gothic Mordor * * (c) Games UK

… Release date: May 2768

Protection …..: steam

# ….. Discs: 1

Language ……: EN / FR / DE / ES / IT / PL / RU / PT-BR

Fight through Mordor and open truth

The mind that makes you open-source

Bone power and build his legend

Sauron finally in this new menahanjahat

Chronicle of Middle Earth.

The official game of the year is:

* Earth: Shadow of Mordor (main game)

* Update GOTY output

* LightGod DLC

* DLC Power Test

* Bloodhunters Warband DLC

* Darker DLC character skin

* Captain DLC Skin “View script”

* Orc Rune DLC

* Lord of the Hunt DLC

* On Anor Rune DLC

* DLC Flesh burner Warband

* DLC Berserks Warband

* Deadly Rune Archer DLC

* DLC Skullbreaker Warband

* Hidden Rune Blade DLC

* Improved DLC Storm Rune

* Infinite Challenge DLC

* Test wisdom DLC

* Energy Shadow DLC

* Test speed DLC

* HD content

1 Pack, burn or burn

To installThe game 2-

3-Copykandungan from PROPHET DIR

Installdirx64 folder

4. Go to hell!


The game is updated build


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