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4-reactivation of the battle

Battlefield 4 (c) Electronic Arts UK

10/2013: ….. .. PROTECTION …….: EADRM

3. ………. disk (S) .. ……
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY ..: action FPS

Battlefield 4 is a blockbuster genre defining action made by

Moments that blur the line between the game and the glory. Motivated

New generationThe power and fidelity frostbite 3, 4 battle

Providing an intuitive, very different from anyone else.

Only in the battlefield to destroy the enemy buildings ekranowaniaTwój.

Not ondon Battlefields winning the rear pistol

Ship. The battlefield gives freedom to do more and be moreTime

Play on their strengths and carve their own way to victory.

In addition to its multiplayer feature, Battlefield 4 has

Intense character-driven campaign, starting with dramatic

Exhaust American VIP from Shanghai and monitor your team

He is trying to find his way home.

Does not existComparison. Immersed wchwalebny mess

All of the war, only in the battlefield.

The most important characteristics:

Only in the battlefield can Levolution change

Landscape in real time with interactive environments that respond to their

Every move.

Only in the battlefield, you will see the power of awe-inspiring

Frostbite3 new generation engine, whose unrivaled audio and visual features

Fidelity to make the game more dramatic, more secure and more people.

Only in the battlefield to experience in poziomurównych-out

The war, which gives you the freedom to carve your strengths and your chwaraeat

Own way of winning.

OnlyIn Battlefield You have the power to dominate the land, the air and

The sea with all new, intense combat vehicles based on water.

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