Founded in 1990, MBA Empresarial is a consultancy firm specialized in Human Resources, working in several business segments, offering a vast portfolio of differentiated products and services that identify, evaluate and develop talents. It consists of professionals with solid experience, extensive academic backgrounds, and significant international experience. MBA Empresarial works as a strategic partner of its clients, offering solutions to operational, functional and strategic problems related to people management in
organizations, as well as counseling and coaching for professionals in matters such as self-knowledge, career, performance, Master’s and MBA programs abroad and the development of professional skills.


To transform organizations and society through the development of human capital.


To provide consulting services in the evaluation and development of professionals and teams, within standards of ethics, respect, and excellence e, committing ourselves to the improvement of performance and the delivery of customized solutions to the needs of the clients, employees and communities that we serve.


  • Eethics
  • Respect
  • High Performance Teams
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Participative management
  • Profitability


  • People have incredible potential for development and learning.
  • Teamwork is key to a company’s success.
  • Everyone should act as coaches and foster an environment of intense learning and mutual exchange.
  • Feedback is a process of help and also a powerful tool for professional growth.
  • Meritocracy is the best way to gain competence and commitment, which are fundamental to the success of organizations.

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