Assessment Center

Assessment Center is the process of identifying the talents and top performers of the organization through a set of techniques, exercises and instruments, using integrated observation of a team of assessors to gauge potential and performance. It is a matter of an objective evaluation, in order to know the behavioral profile, the skills and the potential of the professionals to enable a more accurate and objective decision-making related to talent management. The assessment can be done individually (interviews and application of techniques and tools) or in groups (workshops with games, simulations and individual interviews). Next, this information goes through validation committees, for analysis, discussion and plotting in the Potential X Performance matrix.

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To whom it is intended

  • Companies that seek to identify key people (“who is who”) in terms of talent and performance, for promotion, selection, and career development actions.

What to expect

  • Identification of the development potential, career prospects and inputs for the company’s succession plan
  • Individual reports with the potential, performance, talents, skills, gaps and orientations
  • Feedback sessions for those evaluated, managers and HR for the deepening of information and the elaboration of development action plans
  • Statistical tables, rankings, and graphs, that will generate a diagnosis and serve as a basis for an even more strategic HR management

Know the opinion from those who have already hired

  • Sandra Betti - MBA Consultoria - has developed an innovative and creative assessment, very deep and that provides important insights for individual and group behavior change. The result served for robust development plans and a real behavior change.
    Denise Horato Directorate of Human Resources - Roche Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals S.A.