The Training area offers an extensive range of programs to develop intrapsychic and interpersonal skills and aims to sensitize and instrumentalize professionals to deal with the constant changes, challenges and opportunities in contemporary organizations. For this, we offer lectures, training, seminars and behavioral, motivational and attitudinal workshops for the improvement and development of professional and managerial skills. Our programs strongly develop Emotional Intelligence, especially skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, negotiation, conflict management, working under pressure, interpersonal relationships and creativity. We use games, simulations and group dynamics in our methodology, followed by feedbacks, analyses and conceptual links, in an approximate proportion of 70% practical experience and 30% theoretical basis, in order to guarantee experimentation and to accelerate learning and behavior change.

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To whom it is intended

  • Companies that seek practical, customized and effective solutions for behavioral training and for the development of the professional skills of its key employees.

What to expect

  • Obtain high performance teams
  • Enhance leadership practice and people management
  • Develop and improve interpersonal skills and competences
  • Accelerate self-development and learning for key professionals