Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching aims to increase self-knowledge, develop the professional and interpersonal skills of leaders, create the conditions to accelerate their learning and ensure favorable conditions so that they can optimize their potential, invest in the critical points diagnosed and consequently get high performance teams. The Executive Coaching process aims to maximize the leader’s talent and to improve performance in terms of results (= achievement of objectives), processes (= management + attitudes + competencies) and degree of commitment (= engagement + protagonism). We propose a series of individual sessions, on a bi-weekly basis, on average with a duration of 90 ‘. The sessions include diagnosis, devolution, action plans and follow-up.

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To whom it is intended

  • Managers with difficult teams or performance problems
  • Leaders in a transitional phase
  • Recently promoted leaders

What to expect

  • Evolution in leader performance
  • More expressive results
  • Increased degree of commitment
  • Improvement of key competencies