Sandra is one of the best and most talented HR professionals I know. It brings together a unique combination of skills such as experience, technical and practical knowledge, networking, energy, and a unique ability to understand and help people develop their potential. So I had no doubts on who to look for when I decided to do the coaching job. Coaching with Sandra was, without a doubt, one of the most important experiences of self-knowledge and self-reflection that I have ever experienced. It was an opportunity to look at my professional trajectory, personal values ​​and goals and evaluate how all of this was, in practice, connecting. More importantly, Sandra helped me identify professional and personal aspects that I had not seen so far, develop a plan to work my self-development, and give much more clarity to what I was doing. This job helped make a big change in my professional career and made me rediscover the pleasure of working with purpose.
Directorate of Business - Ayrton Senna Institute