Fifteen years ago, when I made the decision to do an MBA abroad, I understood the extent and impact that this decision would have on my professional life. In that way, I knew that I needed to enter a first-rate school and I looked for the best professionals to support me in this project. The first name that was recommended to me was that of Ricardo Betti, and today, looking back, I recognize how important this work was for the success of this challenge. As an entrepreneur and dental surgeon, my profile had particularities that could be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how this background difference was presented. At this point, Ricardo's experience and competence placed this difference under the right prism, which was definitely decisive for the outcome of this endeavor. I am sure that Ricardo and MBA Empresarial can also contribute in a decisive manner to the candidates for the best business schools, just as it was for me.
Partner at Ittess Health