Admissions Consulting

    With more than 25 years of experience, the MBA Counseling area aims to guide professionals who wish to pursue an MBA abroad (or other programs, such as LLM, undergrad, etc.). The orientation goes through all stages of the application process: from choosing the program suited to your needs, to preparing for the admissions process for the world’s most competitive business schools, such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, among others. Almost 2,000 clients have already been served, with a 92% approval rate and more than 3,000 attained admissions, out of which 76% lie in the top 15 business schools in the USA, and the top 3 in Europe. The guidance on the strategies and the preparation of applications is personalized and individual. In order to offer a full-service solution to our customers, MBA Empresarial has teamed up with Philadelphia Consulting, JCaro and The MBA Wire, and internationally with Veritas Prep, a global leader in online preparation for the GMAT. From this strategic alliance MBA Talent was born, which brings together some of the most experienced admissions consulting professionals in Latin America: Ricardo Betti, Maurício Betti, Júlio Caro, Paulo César Oliveira, Neusa Oliveira and Mateo Chang. In addition, MBA Recruitment and Selection services are also offered to companies that wish to fill their positions with highly qualified professionals, thus closing the professional development cycle of our clients: from preparing for the MBA to accessing the job market.

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    To whom it is intended

    • Professionals with full college education who wish to apply for an MBA or LLM, MSc, MPP and PhD abroad
    • Companies that want to sponsor employees to pursue an MBA abroad
    • Family businesses that wish to develop heirs through courses abroad, aiming at succession plans

    What to expect

    • Assessment of potential and surveying of educational needs
    • Choice of MBA program – “Matching”
    • Recommendation of sworn translators and TOEFL and GMAT preparatory courses
    • Applications Review, including essays, CVs and other materials
    • Guidance on positioning strategies and interview techniques
    • Guidance on grants and financing

    Know the opinion from those who have already hired

    • Ricardo helped me a lot when I was applying for my MBA in 1990. His knowledge of the process and the important points to be emphasized, as well as the indication of the best available service providers, was very important to the success of my application. He is undoubtedly the main reference in career coaching geared towards those who want to do a master's degree abroad. I have been recommending his work to friends and the feedback has always been very positive.
      Alexandre Lunardelli, MBA Wharton ‘93 Instructor of Mindfulness at the Mindfulness Academy.
    • Ricardo is simply exceptional and was fundamental to my preparation for the MBA. The job is much more than an orientation, but rather a coaching and a deep preparation to reconcile profiles, opportunities and chances of success. The work was done in a highly customized way to analyze, from my options, which schools would be the most compatible with my profile and which ones I would have a higher chance of getting into. With this definition, we set out to prepare the applications per se, with a valuable orientation, from those who really know the ins and outs of each process. Ricardo's inputs were fundamental to my success and today, 22 years after this work, I consider him a friend who is always present and whom I wish all of the achievements that he seeks.
      Frederico Mesnik, MBA London Business School ‘97 Managing Director at Porto Capital S/A
    • MBA Empresarial helped me a lot in the application process for my MBA. The role of counseling was fundamental so that I could know how to best expose my strengths and discover my differentials in things I would not have seen by myself. The role of the MBA was fundamental in my admission and they have always been there for me even after we have finished this process. I felt in them the perfect balance between professionalism and at the same time the proximity necessary to assist me in this.
      Katia Negreiros, MBA MIT ‘15 Sales Director - EF Education First
    • My Masters abroad experience was fantastic. I believe that I have had a very significant evolution both in the academic and in the personal sense. The challenges I faced in the two years in Chicago have strengthened me, but have also shown me the importance of respecting different cultures and ideas. However, none of this would have been possible without the work of Ricardo Betti. I was very raw when I received the invitation from Itaú to do the MBA abroad. I would not have been accepted by American and European universities, had it not been for Ricardo with his careful training and his precise directions of step-by-step recruitment processes.
      Marta Alves, MBA Chicago ‘90 Managing Partner at Miabras LLC
    • Minha experiência com o Ricardo Betti foi um processo fantástico de autoconhecimento e planejamento de carreira. Através de conversas pessoais e francas, ele conseguiu identificar os meus pontos fortes e tornar meus essays muito mais efetivos e competitivos. O Ricardo consegue alavancar seu conhecimento profundo do processo de aplicação do MBA e dos diferentes perfis das escolas para orientar o candidato na escolha do programa que mais se adeque aos seus objetivos e expectativas. Recomendo fortemente toda equipe do MBA Empresarial para qualquer profissional considerando um mestrado no exterior.
      Daniel Kuhl, MBA MIT ’08 President, Kraft Heinz Company – PNG
    • Those who have studied at one of the best universities and business schools in the world have surely heard several times: "those were the best two years of my life" or "one of my MBA colleagues was appointed CEO"! Because of this I'm not surprised with the fact that my best friends have studied with me at Wharton and that Sundar Pichai, Wharton Grad 2002, has been named CEO of Google. Whether from personal experience or professional perspective, one of the critical factors to be accepted into a top school is self-knowledge to know "what matters most to you, and why?" (Classic Stanford question)! And it was precisely in this aspect that MBA Empresarial made all the difference for me. Ricardo Betti, the best MBA coach in my opinion, made me know myself more as a human being, be proud of my achievements, and know what made me the most difference as a candidate. Coaching is not telling you what you should write in applications, but rather, asking the questions and reflections that lead the candidate to make the decisions and the most appropriate choices. I was very happy and proud when I saw that Ricardo wrote a chapter in the book "Vale a Pena" telling my story. I have no doubt that this story would have been different had it not been for MBA Empresarial. After years of financial market experience with treasury, asset management, investor relations and equity research, I am currently working with HR talent from a large bank, and my tip for anyone who wants to pursue their MBA in one of the world's top business schools is to count on the support of MBA Empresarial!
      Regina Longo Sanchez, MBA Wharton ‘03 Head of Talent & HR Analytics at Itaú Unibanco